Hello and welcome to my happy place. I’m Fozia Awan. Born & raised in Pakistan and currently based in Riyadh-KSA. I live with my husband T and two kids Zayan and Zaviyar. I am a finance professional and currently saying YES to new adventures and facing my fears.

I moved to Saudi Arabia in 2012, a place I now call HOME, that’s when I had to say goodbye to my decade long corporate career. It gave me a new prospect of exploring artistic side of my personality, thus I initiated a venture of paper crafting & event planning named Confetti Cloud in 2013. It has been a pleasant, valuable and meaningful journey which satisfies my creative instinct.

As a finance professional I strongly believe in financial planning. I feel better financial understanding offers us a new perspective of budgeting & saving and brush up our financial lifestyle management.

Chai, biryani with aalu, poetry and old songs give me immense joy. I shamelessly believe in having desserts like main-course. Re-purpose, refurbish and DIY say it all about my idea of pure excitement & fulfillment.

I am a passionate paper crafter, a makeup & modest fashion fanatic, a DIY & home interior enthusiast, an ardent reader, an Urdu literature fan, a hobbyist baker and a motivated party planner with a heart of an explorer.

On this blog, I intend to document home improvement ideas, modest styling tips, book reviews, travel diaries, beauty & skincare products reviews, easy to follow recipes, in short the happenings of my life and everything I enjoy doing. You won’t find any expert opinion here; rather I will share my learning path on various spectrum. I hope “her candid canvas” gives you some positive vibes, inspires you to learn something new and encourage you to acknowledge what makes you unique.

Grab your cup of chai, lets inspire each other and celebrate adventures of our daily life together.

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