Book Review – The President is Missing

One of the productive things to do during this “stay home – stay safe” period is definitely catching up with reading routine. I bought this book almost a year ago and just in quarantine I could get a chance to finish this.

President Bill Clinton and James Patterson teamed up to write this political thriller. James Patterson is famous for his mysteries, thrillers, detective and science fiction stories. The book has his aforementioned writing proficiency with an added flavor of an experienced ex-President.

This book is a political thriller with insider knowledge and substantial details of different White house procedures. It is gripping, entertaining and will keep you hooked, in particular if thriller is your favorite genre.

The story revolves around a threat of an attack of unprecedented nature on USA. The president becomes a suspect of approaching terrorists and then gone missing. The nerve wrecking nature of decision making stages for a president is depicted very well.

”They aren’t going to ask for something.
They aren’t seeking a change in our foreign policy.
They don’t want prisoners released.
They aren’t going to demand a ransom at all.
They want to destroy us.”

Amidst all this nail biting stressed situation, the President has to present and testify himself before a House selected committee, as an impeachment conspiracy is planned by political opportunists.

There are finer details of cyber terrorism which enemies are planning to an unusual and unknown extent. It defines strength and weaknesses of technological advancement. It will leave with a question mark on internet vulnerability.

Characters of the novel can somewhat be anticipated. Suspense and action are delivered at a surprising pace, however some chapters are a dragged and could have been improved.

Book: The President is Missing
Writer: James Patterson & Bill Clinton
Rate: 3.5/5

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