Finally the long awaited and probably my most popular post on Instagram, the kitchen spice cabinet / pantry organization. This blog article offers free downloadable custom labels for spice and condiment jars that I designed for myself, as promised to many. An un-organized pantry can become a challenge to deal with. On the contrary an orderly one is indescribable peace. I did not have a big fancy – Instagrammable – Pinterest look alike pantry. With time and my growing family needs, the limited space was becoming tough to manage. I had two goals to achieve, 1) get my spice cabinet in order and 2) makeRead More →

I have been obsessing over concrete projects on Pinterest for a longer time. Cement candle pillar / holder was one of those “projects to try”. I finally got a chance to experiment an amazingly easier DIY. I didn’t know it would have been this convenient and fun to make my own candle holders. Let’s get started! Supplies Required for Candle Holders: You will find this project pretty budget friendly because most of the supplies you will find at home, except the main ingredient cement, which wont cost you more than 5-10 Riyals. White Cement 1.5 – 2 Kg ( a little extra for desired consistency)Read More →

While browsing for home accessories you must have noticed this trending decorative piece. Apartment Therapy has labelled it as one-and-done living room accessory. From marble to wood and metal, it has been made in different material. Sitting on top of books stack, it simply adds a wow-factor to your coffee table, hallway cabinet or bookshelf. I decided to experiment with air-dry clay and replicate a Burke Decor product. Pinterest has countless numbers of DIYs for this ornamental object. To my surprise it hardly took much efforts and was so much fun to do. You can extend it from 2 to 6 links, depending on yourRead More →