DIY Chain Link Decorative Object

While browsing for home accessories you must have noticed this trending decorative piece. Apartment Therapy has labelled it as one-and-done living room accessory. From marble to wood and metal, it has been made in different material. Sitting on top of books stack, it simply adds a wow-factor to your coffee table, hallway cabinet or bookshelf.

I decided to experiment with air-dry clay and replicate a Burke Decor product. Pinterest has countless numbers of DIYs for this ornamental object. To my surprise it hardly took much efforts and was so much fun to do. You can extend it from 2 to 6 links, depending on your preference. Same goes for the thickness.

Supplies & Instructions:

  1. White air dry clay – 500gm pack
  2. White acrylic paint & paint brush
  3. Water to smooth the surface
You can watch video tutorial here

As simple as it sounds;

  1. Divide the clay block in 3 equal parts. You can use kitchen scale for perfection (as shown in some Pinterest posts) or simply do it based on your rough estimation. Suit yourself.
  2. Before starting spread some plastic sheet to avoid the unavoidable mess, you are playing with clay bros.
  3. Take first chunk of clay and start rolling it on the surface to smooth it out. Make sure to keep the thickness identical. Once you achieve the desired smooth thickness, join both the end to seal them with the help of water. Here you really need to focus to even-out the surface.
  4. Follow the same method for second part of clay, i.e. roll & smooth. Crosswise interlock the chain link to first part and then join & seal the ends of second piece of chain.
  5. For the third slice of clay, apply step 4. You can add further links if you wish to.
  6. This is an important step to accomplish close to perfect results. Gently flatten & even the surface with your wet finger pore. It will help to clear out the creases.
  7. Let it dry for 48 hours.
  8. Once dry, paint the accessory with white acrylic paint using a flat brush. I applied two coats for desired finish.

P.S. avoid using dryer, let air dry clay dry on its own. Using dryer might cause cracks in future.


  1. Well done. Very trendy decore piece.

  2. Loved it,so classy. i love your DIYs.

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