DIY Concrete Candle Pillars / Holders

I have been obsessing over concrete projects on Pinterest for a longer time. Cement candle pillar / holder was one of those “projects to try”. I finally got a chance to experiment an amazingly easier DIY. I didn’t know it would have been this convenient and fun to make my own candle holders. Let’s get started!

Supplies Required for Candle Holders:

You will find this project pretty budget friendly because most of the supplies you will find at home, except the main ingredient cement, which wont cost you more than 5-10 Riyals.

  • White Cement 1.5 – 2 Kg ( a little extra for desired consistency)
  • Water – to make a paste
  • Container to mix
  • Disposable gloves – one pair
  • Pringles empty cans – to be used as mold – 2 XXL
  • Mason jar lids – 3
  • Scotch tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Paper cutter
  • Gold acrylic paint + paint brush
  • Paper tape
  • Candles

You can watch video tutorial on this link.

Step by step tutorial:

As you can see I decided to make a set of three candle pillars in large, medium and small height. First step is to finalize the size of your set. You can either have same size of each piece or choose a variation, as short or as tall you would prefer.

  1. Mark and cut down one of Pringle cans to make medium and small size molds.
  2. Wear gloves and start mixing white cement with water gradually in a container or a deep dish and make a paste, till you get desired consistency.
  3. Thoroughly clean and wipe Pringle cans before pouring cement mixture to cans.
  4. Slowly pour cement mixture in mold (Pringle can), make sure to leave some space on top. Keep tapping the can gently while filling, to ensure there are no bubbles in between (just the way we do with cake batter before placing in the oven).
  5. Once the cans are filled & tapped well, place mason jar lids on top of cans and gently press it down into the cement mixture. Fix the lid with scotch tape tightly, so that it stays in place.
  6. Let it dry naturally for 24 hours.
  7. Next day, when it is dry-hard, tear the cardboard away from your concrete candle pillars.
  8. For a smooth finish use sand-paper and rub on the required areas until pillars are even and plane. Clean the dust caused by sand-paper rubbing, before moving onto next step of painting.
  9. You can either paint the entire candle holder or choose to paint some gold stripes. I opted for the later.
    Mark the area to be painted with paper tape. Apply gold paint with the help of a paint brush or alternatively you can spray paint the desired portion. Let it dry.

    You can paint or decorate them any color you would like.

Your concrete / cement candle holders / pillars are ready. Yes it is this easy to make. You can experiment this DIY project with kids and they sure gonna love it and will be proud of their creative achievement. You can place them on your buffet tables, sideboards, outdoors or as centerpieces on your dining table. Place a piece of felt or any soft fabric on the bottom of candle holders in order to avoid any scratch on furniture.

Hope you enjoyed this simple and easy DIY concrete project. I have few other projects on my list. Hopefully will share them soon. Don’t forget to share it 🙂

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