DIY Rustic Sunburst Stick Mirror Frame:

Are you bored of your regular plain mirror frame? Are you looking for an easy on wallet solution to upgrade it? Here is a pocket friendly and easy answer for a rustic sunburst stick mirror frame.

You can either
a) opt. to experiment on an existing plain mirror frame or
b) buy a mirror plate and add a sturdy cardboard base to it. Rest of the procedure for frame design will be more or less similar for both the options. I already had an existing monotonous white mirror, which I really wanted to revamp and bring some charm to it.

Material Required:

The whole process took me approx. an hour. Below are the supplies which I used for this DIY rustic wood stick frame;

  1. Wood sticks – I used 12 packs, decide quantity depending on your mirror size.
  2. Hot glue gun
  3. Tim Holtz distress ink – shade Vintage Photo (optional)
  4. An of course a mirror (one of the options given above)

    Distressing is completely optional. Since I could not find driftwood sticks (yes sourcing supplies is sometimes a problem in our part of the world) and I already own a range of Tim Holtz distress inks, I thought to use the aforementioned shade for a better rustic look.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Clean the mirror thoroughly.
  2. With already hot glue gun, begin to glue wood sticks around the edges of the mirror. Gradually, go round the circle and carefully place the sticks around until the corners are well covered and you are satisfied with the results.
  3. Once sticks are well glued in place, softly and randomly distress with ink blending tool, till you achieve your desired color. This step is not compulsory. If you are happy with your sticks’ color, you can conveniently skip this step.

    If you are using the cardboard option, i.e. creating from scratch, you will need to add some hook at the back of the frame to hang it, alternatively, you can place it against a wall on a buffet table or console.

And voila!!! your rustic look sunburst mirror frame is ready. So how did you like it? Do not forget to save it and pin 🙂

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