Ushaigher Heritage Village – Saudi Arabia

Ushaiger heritage village also known as ‘the little blonde‘ gives a glimpse of old Saudi society. Mud houses, carved wooden doors, maze of covered alleyway, in short an old architectural treat for eyes.

The little blonde refers to sandy brown mountains which lay on the north of the village.The place gave me strong vibes of my village back in Pakistan, specially the fragrance of mud brought back so many beautiful memories of my village.

We visited this place in the first week of Feb – 20 and then Covid happened. I thought to wait to share this trip until we are allowed to travel between Saudi cities.

If you are looking for a day trip option from Riyadh, Ushaigher mud village is a worth vising option. It is situated in Najd region, approximately 200 KM northwest of Riyadh.

Almost at every other corner you will find the board of museum (some of them have nominal visiting charges). However, I didn’t find much of history related stuff in those tiny places cum museums. Most of them are personal heritage houses, which are converted into a museum. You can contact on the given numbers on display board to visit, if you find them closed.

The first main building on the right hand side, post passing through the main gates of the village is Al Salem Museum, which exhibits some historic items.

Some mud houses are open to visitors, giving an opportunity to have a closer look at the traditional old Najdi house. We were invited into one of the mud houses. It was a great chance to have a detailed and closer look at the amazing interior of mud houses. Overall the villagers are friendly & hospitable and ready to assist visitors about the area.

Exterior of a traditional mud house
Interior of a mud house

Some mud house owners offer traditional Saudi food, which will be prepared within 1 to 2 hours and you have to place your order beforehand. There is no fixed menu and they will ask for a lump sum amount. You can enjoy your meal in the mud house while enjoying it’s interior.

Moreover, there is a small local restaurant, which offers traditional Saudi food buffet. You can choose from a variety of local Saudi food and enjoy your food in private family areas with traditional Saudi floor sitting.

Apart from mud houses and museums the village has mosques, shops and school. It is convenient to walk around and the paths are stroller friendly.

You can combine this trip with another close by mud village named Raghbah Mud Village.

Location of Ushaigher:

The GPS coordinates of the village are 25°20′33″N 45°11′0″E

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